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Our collection of 1946 movies in the Plex database showcases the resurgence of the film industry after the end of World War II. With a focus on innovative storytelling and pioneering techniques, these films reflect the time's dynamic and shifting cultural norms. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of cinematic resilience as you explore this incredible collection of movies.
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Top 5 Movies of 1946

The Best Years of Our Lives

Directed by William Wyler, "The Best Years of Our Lives" is a poignant portrayal of three World War II veterans who return to small-town America, only to find that they and their families have irreparably changed. Starring Fredric March, Dana Andrews, and Harold Russell, the film captures the challenges of readjusting to civilian life after the war.

Duel in the Sun

King Vidor's "Duel in the Sun" is a Western drama that delves into themes of love, rivalry, and cultural identity. The film tells the story of a Mestiza girl, played by Jennifer Jones, who falls in love with a white man, portrayed by Joseph Cotten, sparking a deadly rivalry with his half-brother, played by Gregory Peck.

The Jolson Story

Directed by Alfred E. Green, "The Jolson Story" is a biographical musical about the life of singer Al Jolson. Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, and William Demarest star in this film, which highlights Jolson's rise to fame and his impact on the entertainment industry.

Blue Skies

"Blue Skies," co-directed by Stuart Heisler and Mark Sandrich, is a musical featuring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Joan Caulfield. The film revolves around a retired dancer who opens a nightclub where his former dancing partner's wife performs. Known for its musical numbers and the dynamic performances of Crosby and Astaire, the film is a classic example of the musical genre's charm and appeal.


Alfred Hitchcock's "Notorious" is a film about espionage set in South America during World War II. Starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains, the film is acclaimed for its suspenseful plot and the director's masterful use of tension. "Notorious" remains one of Hitchcock's most celebrated works, showcasing his skill in crafting compelling narratives.

Industry Highlights and Notable Moments from 1946

Changes in the Hollywood Studio System

The studio system underwent significant changes in how movies were made and managed. The postwar marketplace's uncertainties and the need to cut costs led to a greater emphasis on management and marketing operations within the studios.

Record-Breaking Profits

Hollywood experienced a year of unprecedented profits, with two-thirds of the American population attending movies weekly. This period of prosperity was, however, short-lived due to rising inflation, labor unrest, and the temporary loss of foreign markets to protectionist quotas.

Inauguration of the Cannes Film Festival

1946 marked the inaugural year of the Cannes Film Festival, a prestigious event that had been postponed due to World War II. The festival's initiation signified the global recognition and celebration of cinematic art.

Beginning of the Baby Boom Era

The year also marked the start of the Baby Boom era, a period characterized by a significant increase in birth rates. This demographic shift would eventually impact various aspects of American culture, including the film industry.