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The Centurions are the most powerful fighting force of the 21st century. Equipped with special Exoframe suits, they are the ultimate fighting machines, as well as Earth's only defence against Dr. Terror and his Doom Drones.

65 Episodes

The Sky Is On Fire
The Sky Is On FireEpisode 1
Battle Beneath the Sea
Battle Beneath the SeaEpisode 2
An Alien Affair
An Alien AffairEpisode 3
Found: One Lost World
Found: One Lost WorldEpisode 4
Sand Doom
Sand DoomEpisode 5
WhalesongEpisode 6
Tornado of Terror
Tornado of TerrorEpisode 7
Denver Is Down
Denver Is DownEpisode 8
Micro Menace
Micro MenaceEpisode 9
Attack Of The Plant-Borg
Attack Of The Plant-BorgEpisode 10
Battle Beneath The Ice
Battle Beneath The IceEpisode 11
Operation Starfall
Operation StarfallEpisode 12
Let The Games Begin
Let The Games BeginEpisode 13
FirebirdEpisode 14
Cold Calculations
Cold CalculationsEpisode 15
Return Of Captain Steele
Return Of Captain SteeleEpisode 16
Three Strikes And You're Dead
Three Strikes And You're DeadEpisode 17
Double Agent
Double AgentEpisode 18
Child's Play
Child's PlayEpisode 19
Terror On Ice
Terror On IceEpisode 20
That Old Black Magic
That Old Black MagicEpisode 21
Max Ray...Traitor
Max Ray...TraitorEpisode 22
Crack The World
Crack The WorldEpisode 23
The Incredible Shrinking Centurions
The Incredible Shrinking CenturionsEpisode 24
Live At Five
Live At FiveEpisode 25
The Mummy's Curse
The Mummy's CurseEpisode 26
Counterclock Crisis
Counterclock CrisisEpisode 27
Zombie Master
Zombie MasterEpisode 28
MalfunctionEpisode 29
Broken Beams
Broken BeamsEpisode 30
The Chameleon's Sting
The Chameleon's StingEpisode 31
Film at Eleven
Film at ElevenEpisode 32
Hacker Must Be Destroyed
Hacker Must Be DestroyedEpisode 33
Showdown At Skystalk
Showdown At SkystalkEpisode 34
The Warrior
The WarriorEpisode 35
Return Of Cassandra
Return Of CassandraEpisode 36
Night On Terror Mountain
Night On Terror MountainEpisode 37
MerlinEpisode 38
The Monsters From Below
The Monsters From BelowEpisode 39
The Road Devils
The Road DevilsEpisode 40
Zone Dancer
Zone DancerEpisode 41
FirecrackerEpisode 42
Traitors Three
Traitors ThreeEpisode 43
You Only Love Twice
You Only Love TwiceEpisode 44
SungrazerEpisode 45
NoviceEpisode 46
BreakoutEpisode 47
Atlantis Adventure: Part I
Atlantis Adventure: Part IEpisode 48
Atlantis Adventure: Part II
Atlantis Adventure: Part IIEpisode 49
Ghost Warrior
Ghost WarriorEpisode 50
Let The Lightning Fall
Let The Lightning FallEpisode 51
Cyborg Centurion
Cyborg CenturionEpisode 52
Day Of The Animals
Day Of The AnimalsEpisode 53
To Dare Dominion: Part I
To Dare Dominion: Part IEpisode 54
To Dare Dominion: Part II
To Dare Dominion: Part IIEpisode 55
Hole in the Ocean: Part I
Hole in the Ocean: Part IEpisode 56
Hole in the Ocean: Part II
Hole in the Ocean: Part IIEpisode 57
The Better Half: Part I
The Better Half: Part IEpisode 58
The Better Half: Part II
The Better Half: Part IIEpisode 59
RevengeEpisode 60
Man or Machine: Part 1
Man or Machine: Part 1Episode 61
Man or Machine: Part 2
Man or Machine: Part 2Episode 62
Man or Machine: Part 3
Man or Machine: Part 3Episode 63
Man or Machine: Part 4
Man or Machine: Part 4Episode 64
Man or Machine: Part 5
Man or Machine: Part 5Episode 65

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