Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!

E49    Jan 7, 2012    25m    TV-MA
A tired and thirsty Furuichi finds himself in a desert, accompanied by Oga, Baby Beel and Kunieda. Furuichi asks what the hell is happening but Oga replies that this is Journey to the West, that he is the monk Sanzohoshi and they are traveling to Tenjiku (India) to retrieve the Buddhist Scrolls. Before dusk, Oga and company arrive at a village populated by people who look like Shiroyama. The townspeople prepared dinner for the four of them. They continued their journey, with more and more people accompanying them along the way, first the Six Holy Knights, then the Red Tails, then the MK5, until the whole of Ishiyama accompanied them to the doors of the Ox King's castle. They were surprised, however, to find Lord En and his three maidservants inside. En tries to hold a New Year's party for his newfound "friends" (Isabella comments that En does not have friends who visit him at New Year) by playing a card game. However, Furuichi beats En at the game, causing the latter to cry and set the Ox King's palace on fire. They later find out that the Ox King is not the Demon Lord himself, but Tojo, and he steals all of the octopuses from the village in order to make Takoyaki, as it was his part-time job. Oga borrows Tojo's fan and tries to quell the flames, but to no effect until Tojo comes with the real Bassho Fan and extinguishes the flame. After chiding En being a pain in the ass, Tojo invites everyone present to a Takoyaki party, at which point Oga and Baby Beel forgets totally forgets about their quest and joins in eating.
Where to Watch Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!
Cast of Beelzebub's New Year's Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!
  • Miyuki SawashiroBeelbou
  • Katsuyuki KonishiOga Tatsumi
  • Shizuka ItohHilda Garde
  • Takahiro MizushimaFuruichi Takayuki
  • Aki ToyosakiAoi Kunieda
  • Daisuke HirakawaAlex Rodriguez Ichirou Shinjou
  • Daisuke KishioShintarou Natsume
  • Haruna IkezawaShizuka Nanami
  • Hiroki TakahashiDaimao
  • Kazuhiro YamajiJabberwock
  • Keiichi NakagawaMitsuteru Sakaki
  • Kenji FukudaKaname Izuma
  • Nobuhiko OkamotoHisaya Miki
  • Seiro OginoTatsuya Himekawa
  • Shinshu FujiSaotome Zenjuurou
  • Shinya TakahashiGou Hiromichi
  • Tomokazu SekiHidetora Toujou
  • Tomokazu SugitaHajime Kanzaki
  • Tomomichi NishimuraBehemoth
  • Wataru TakagiBathym de Emna Alaindelon
  • Sayaka KinoshitaEn-Oh

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