Marie Antoinette

1938    2h 29m    Not Rated
Drama, Romance,
The young Austrian princess Marie Antoinette is arranged to marry Louis XVI, future king of France, in a politically advantageous marriage for the rival countries. The opulent Marie indulges in various whims and flirtations. When Louis XV passes and Louis XVI ascends the French throne, his queen's extravagant lifestyle earns the hatred of the French people, who despise her Austrian heritage.
Directed By
W.S. Van Dyke
Written By
Zoe Akins, F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Cast of Marie Antoinette
  • Norma ShearerMarie Antoinette
  • Tyrone PowerCount Axel de Fersen
  • John BarrymoreKing Louis XV
  • Robert MorleyKing Louis XVI
  • Anita LouisePrincesse de Lamballe
  • Joseph SchildkrautDuke d'Orléans
  • Gladys GeorgeMme. du Barry
  • Henry StephensonCount de Mercey
  • Cora WitherspoonCountess de Noailles
  • Barnett ParkerPrince de Rohan
  • Reginald GardinerComte d'Artois
  • Henry DaniellLa Motte
  • Leonard PennToulan
  • Albert DekkerComte de Provence
  • Alma KrugerMaria Theresa
  • Joseph CalleiaDrouet
  • Marilyn KnowldenPrincesse Therese
  • Scotty BeckettThe Dauphin
  • George MeekerRobespierre
  • Nigel De BrulierArchbishop (uncredited)
  • Charles WaldronSwedish Ambassador (uncredited)
  • John BurtonLafayette (uncredited)
  • Ruth HusseyDuchess de Polignac (uncredited)
  • Erville AldersonPassport Official (uncredited)
  • Richard AlexanderMan with Pike (uncredited)
  • Sam AshRabblerouser (uncredited)
  • King BaggotNobleman at Court (uncredited)
  • Bonnie BannonGirl (uncredited)
  • Trevor BardetteMunicipal Taking the Young Dauphin (uncredited)
  • Robert BarratCitizen-Officer (uncredited)
  • Ed BradyTownsman at Execution (uncredited)
  • Thomas BraidonLackey (uncredited)
  • Al BridgeOfficial in Passport Office (uncredited)
  • Peter BullGamin (uncredited)
  • Mae BuschMme. La Motte (uncredited)
  • John ButlerSecond Municipal Taking the Young Dauphin (uncredited)
  • Frank CampeauLemonade Vendor (uncredited)
  • David CavendishBeauregard (uncredited)
  • Lane ChandlerRevolutionary Officer (uncredited)
  • Dorothy ChristyLady in Waiting to Madame Du Barry (uncredited)
  • Ocean ClaypoolWoman in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Roger ConverseMan in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Harry CordingExecutioner (uncredited)
  • Earl CovertSinger in Death Chant (uncredited)
  • Jules CowlesCitizen at Tribunal (uncredited)
  • Wade CrosbyDanton (uncredited)
  • Cecil CunninghamMme. 'Feldy' de Lerchenfeld (uncredited)
  • Guy D'EnneryMinister at King's Council (uncredited)
  • Howard Da SilvaToulon (uncredited)
  • Harry DavenportMonsieur de Cosse (uncredited)
  • Vernon DowningMan in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Claire Du BreyWoman Yelling at Rabblerouser (uncredited)
  • Frank ElliottKing's Chamberlain (uncredited)
  • Billy EngleMan with Goblet (uncredited)
  • Harold EntwistleOld Aristocrat at Opera (uncredited)
  • Ann EversWoman in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Al FergusonSoldier (uncredited)
  • Barry FitzgeraldPeddler (uncredited)
  • Neil FitzgeraldFirst Councilor (uncredited)
  • Jack GeorgeOrchestra Leader (uncredited)
  • Maude Turner GordonDowager (uncredited)
  • Greta GranstedtWoman in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Lawrence GrantOld Nobleman at Birth of Dauphin (uncredited)
  • Jack GreyCourtesan (uncredited)
  • Ben HallYoung Man Fetching Priest (uncredited)
  • Ben Hendricks Jr.National Guardsman (uncredited)
  • Holmes HerbertHerald (uncredited)
  • Ramsay HillMajor Domo (uncredited)
  • George HoustonMarquis De St. Priest (uncredited)
  • Esther HowardStreetwalker (uncredited)
  • Mary HowardOlivia (uncredited)
  • Hugh HuntleyMan in Opera Gallery (uncredited)
  • Arthur HurniRabblerouser (uncredited)
  • Olaf HyttenMonsieur Boehmer - the Jeweler (uncredited)
  • Frank JaquetKeeper of the Seal (uncredited)
  • Edward KeaneGeneral (uncredited)
  • Victor KilianGuard in Louis' Cell (uncredited)
  • Claude KingChoisell (uncredited)
  • George KirbyPriest (uncredited)
  • Henry KolkerCourt Aide (uncredited)
  • Duke R. LeeCoach Driver (uncredited)
  • Harts LindNurse (uncredited)
  • Jacques LoryFrench Peasant (uncredited)
  • Frank McGlynn Jr.Soldier with Rude Laugh (uncredited)
  • Horace McMahonRabblerouser (uncredited)
  • John MertonSoldier Announcing Birth (uncredited)
  • Helene MillardLady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
  • Frances MillenLady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
  • M. MorovaSinger in Death Chant (uncredited)
  • Corbet MorrisLaRue (uncredited)
  • Leonard MudieMan Yelling 'Have You Proof?' (uncredited)
  • Bea NigroWoman at the Opera (uncredited)
  • Mimi OliveraLady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
  • Moroni OlsenBearded Leader of the People (uncredited)
  • Rafaela OttianoLouise - Marie's Maid (uncredited)
  • Claire OwenWoman in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Inez PalangeFish Wife (uncredited)
  • Billy PlattMidget in Student Ball Number (uncredited)
  • Guy Bates PostConvention President (uncredited)
  • Alonzo PriceSecond Guardsman (uncredited)
  • Tom QuinnRabblerouser (uncredited)
  • Herbert RawlinsonGoguelot (uncredited)
  • 'Little Billy' RhodesMidget in Student Ball Number (uncredited)
  • Buddy RooseveltRevolutionary Officer (uncredited)
  • Lionel RoyceGuillaume (uncredited)
  • Tom RutherfordSt. Clair (uncredited)
  • Harry SemelsTownsman at Execution (uncredited)
  • Allen D. SewallCitizen (uncredited)
  • Kathryn SheldonMrs. Tilson - Setting the Table for Four (uncredited)
  • Ivan F. SimpsonSauce (uncredited)
  • William SteeleFootman (uncredited)
  • Carl StockdaleNational Guardsman Bringing Toy Soldier (uncredited)
  • Harry StubbsSecond Councilor (uncredited)
  • Frank Arthur SwalesChimney Sweep (uncredited)
  • Phillip TerryMan in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Zeffie TilburyDowager at Birth of Dauphin (uncredited)
  • Dorothy TuttleMinor Role (uncredited)
  • Theodore von EltzOfficer in Entrance Hall (uncredited)
  • Gustav von SeyffertitzKing's Confessor (uncredited)
  • Walter WalkerDr. Benjamin Franklin (uncredited)
  • Luana WaltersWoman in Gaming House (uncredited)
  • Anthony WardeMarat (uncredited)
  • Lyons WicklandLaclos (uncredited)
  • Tudor WilliamsSinger in Death Chant (uncredited)
  • Eric WiltonJuror (uncredited)
  • Ian WolfeHerbert - the Jailer (uncredited)
  • George ZuccoGovernor of Conciergerie (uncredited)
  • Howard LangFranz
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