Ultraman Decker

Ultraman Decker takes place years after the end of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, where Earth has entered a period of peace once again. When humanity begins their outer space exploration program and their monster attack countermeasures diminish at the same time, the Spheres launch their attacks, causing Earth to be desolated and become a lone star. A civilian named Kanata Asumi bonds with the titular Ultraman Decker and joins the newly reformed GUTS-Select in addition to his fellow rookie members in their fight against the Spheres.
25 Episodes
  • Day of the Attack
    Day of the AttackEpisode 1
  • Kanata's Resolve
    Kanata's ResolveEpisode 2
  • Move Out, GUTS-Select!
    Move Out, GUTS-Select!Episode 3
  • The Destructive Monster Awakens
    The Destructive Monster AwakensEpisode 4
  • Glutton of the Lake
    Glutton of the LakeEpisode 5
  • Subterranean Monster Appears and Appears!
    Subterranean Monster Appears and Appears!Episode 6
  • The Light of Hope From the Red Planet
    The Light of Hope From the Red PlanetEpisode 7
  • Light and Darkness, Again
    Light and Darkness, AgainEpisode 8
  • Standing Tall for Someone Special
    Standing Tall for Someone SpecialEpisode 9
  • Man and Monster
    Man and MonsterEpisode 10
  • Machine God Deployed
    Machine God DeployedEpisode 11
  • Neomegas Strikes Back
    Neomegas Strikes BackEpisode 12
  • Jumble Rock
    Jumble RockEpisode 13
  • Birth of a Dark God
    Birth of a Dark GodEpisode 14
  • A Promise for Tomorrow
    A Promise for TomorrowEpisode 15
  • Stay as You Are
    Stay as You AreEpisode 16
  • Investigation from the Past
    Investigation from the PastEpisode 17
  • Invitation from Another Dimension
    Invitation from Another DimensionEpisode 18
  • Warriors on the Moon
    Warriors on the MoonEpisode 19
  • Lord Ragon
    Lord RagonEpisode 20
  • The Price of Prosperity
    The Price of ProsperityEpisode 21
  • The Fall of Bazdo
    The Fall of BazdoEpisode 22
  • The Sky of Despair
    The Sky of DespairEpisode 23
  • End of a Dream
    End of a DreamEpisode 24
  • The Light Far Beyond
    The Light Far BeyondEpisode 25

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