Ultraman Mebius

Hayata is a member of the Science Patrol, an organization tasked with investigating bizarre anomalies. He is mortally wounded when accidently encountering an alien being from Land of Light, who grants Hayata new life as the two are merged into one. Now, whenever a threat arises that is too great for the Science Patrol to handle, Hayata activates the beta capsule and becomes the hero known as Ultraman.
50 Episodes
  • A Fateful Encounter
    A Fateful EncounterEpisode 1
  • Our Wings
    Our WingsEpisode 2
  • Only One Life
    Only One LifeEpisode 3
  • Broken Bonds
    Broken BondsEpisode 4
  • Reverse Shot
    Reverse ShotEpisode 5
  • Two From the Deep Sea
    Two From the Deep SeaEpisode 6
  • Fanton's Lost Item
    Fanton's Lost ItemEpisode 7
  • Terrible Predator
    Terrible PredatorEpisode 8
  • Armor of Vengeance
    Armor of VengeanceEpisode 9
  • Pride of GUYS
    Pride of GUYSEpisode 10
  • Mother's Miracle
    Mother's MiracleEpisode 11
  • The First Errand
    The First ErrandEpisode 12
  • Marina of the Wind
    Marina of the WindEpisode 13
  • One Path
    One PathEpisode 14
  • Phoenix Nest
    Phoenix NestEpisode 15
  • A Strong Man from Space
    A Strong Man from SpaceEpisode 16
  • Formation of Our Vow
    Formation of Our VowEpisode 17
  • Pressure on Ultraman
    Pressure on UltramanEpisode 18
  • The Isolated Grandstand
    The Isolated GrandstandEpisode 19
  • Connecting Message
    Connecting MessageEpisode 20
  • Cry From Space
    Cry From SpaceEpisode 21
  • Daily Future
    Daily FutureEpisode 22
  • Ocean Waves of Time
    Ocean Waves of TimeEpisode 23
  • Yapool's Rebirth
    Yapool's RebirthEpisode 24
  • The Program of the Poisonous Moth
    The Program of the Poisonous MothEpisode 25
  • Flying to Tomorrow
    Flying to TomorrowEpisode 26
  • Champion of the Fierce Fight
    Champion of the Fierce FightEpisode 27
  • Konomi's Treasure
    Konomi's TreasureEpisode 28
  • Day of Separation
    Day of SeparationEpisode 29
  • The Flame of Promise
    The Flame of PromiseEpisode 30
  • Thinking of My Friends
    Thinking of My FriendsEpisode 31
  • Inheritance of the Monster Tamer
    Inheritance of the Monster TamerEpisode 32
  • Lady of the Blue Fire
    Lady of the Blue FireEpisode 33
  • A Man Without a Home
    A Man Without a HomeEpisode 34
  • An Azurite Light and a Shadow
    An Azurite Light and a ShadowEpisode 35
  • Mirai's Younger Sister
    Mirai's Younger SisterEpisode 36
  • Father Returns
    Father ReturnsEpisode 37
  • Isana of the Ocean
    Isana of the OceanEpisode 38
  • An Invincible Mother
    An Invincible MotherEpisode 39
  • Lonely Paradise
    Lonely ParadiseEpisode 40
  • Teacher's Memories
    Teacher's MemoriesEpisode 41
  • An Old Friend's Visit
    An Old Friend's VisitEpisode 42
  • Threatening Mebius-Killer
    Threatening Mebius-KillerEpisode 43
  • Ace's wish
    Ace's wishEpisode 44
  • Deathrem's Plan
    Deathrem's PlanEpisode 45
  • Immortal Glozam
    Immortal GlozamEpisode 46
  • Mefilas's Game
    Mefilas's GameEpisode 47
  • Advent of The Emperor
    Advent of The EmperorEpisode 48
  • Dark Clouds of Despair
    Dark Clouds of DespairEpisode 49
  • Words from the Heart
    Words from the HeartEpisode 50

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