Ultraman Gaia

Hayata is a member of the Science Patrol, an organization tasked with investigating bizarre anomalies. He is mortally wounded when accidently encountering an alien being from Land of Light, who grants Hayata new life as the two are merged into one. Now, whenever a threat arises that is too great for the Science Patrol to handle, Hayata activates the beta capsule and becomes the hero known as Ultraman.
51 Episodes
  • Seize the Light!
    Seize the Light!Episode 1
  • A Hero Appears
    A Hero AppearsEpisode 2
  • His Name is Gaia
    His Name is GaiaEpisode 3
  • Gamu of the Sky
    Gamu of the SkyEpisode 4
  • Another Giant
    Another GiantEpisode 5
  • The Ridiculing Eye
    The Ridiculing EyeEpisode 6
  • The Cleansing Of The Earth
    The Cleansing Of The EarthEpisode 7
  • The 4,600 Million Years-Old Ghost
    The 4,600 Million Years-Old GhostEpisode 8
  • Seagull Takes Off
    Seagull Takes OffEpisode 9
  • Rock Fight
    Rock FightEpisode 10
  • Dragon Capital
    Dragon CapitalEpisode 11
  • Monster Encircling Net
    Monster Encircling NetEpisode 12
  • Night of the Marionettes
    Night of the MarionettesEpisode 13
  • The Challenge from the Anti-Space
    The Challenge from the Anti-SpaceEpisode 14
  • When the Rain Stops
    When the Rain StopsEpisode 15
  • Birth of Agul
    Birth of AgulEpisode 16
  • Shadow of Space, Light of Earth
    Shadow of Space, Light of EarthEpisode 17
  • Agul vs. Gaia
    Agul vs. GaiaEpisode 18
  • Lilia's Maze
    Lilia's MazeEpisode 19
  • The Fossil of Ruin
    The Fossil of RuinEpisode 20
  • The Sea of a Mysterious Light
    The Sea of a Mysterious LightEpisode 21
  • Wings of a Stone
    Wings of a StoneEpisode 22
  • Gamu Expelled!
    Gamu Expelled!Episode 23
  • The Determination of Agul
    The Determination of AgulEpisode 24
  • Showdown for Tomorrow
    Showdown for TomorrowEpisode 25
  • Final Resolution
    Final ResolutionEpisode 26
  • A New Battle
    A New BattleEpisode 27
  • The Advent of the Heatwave
    The Advent of the HeatwaveEpisode 28
  • The Distant City: Uqbar
    The Distant City: UqbarEpisode 29
  • The Demon's Cocoon
    The Demon's CocoonEpisode 30
  • The Accursed Eye
    The Accursed EyeEpisode 31
  • The Future Seen Before
    The Future Seen BeforeEpisode 32
  • Battling the Legend
    Battling the LegendEpisode 33
  • Crash of Souls!
    Crash of Souls!Episode 34
  • Ransom for a Monster
    Ransom for a MonsterEpisode 35
  • The Sky of Reunion
    The Sky of ReunionEpisode 36
  • The Fourth Symphony of a Nightmare
    The Fourth Symphony of a NightmareEpisode 37
  • Ground-Breaking Tusks
    Ground-Breaking TusksEpisode 38
  • Lake of Sadness
    Lake of SadnessEpisode 39
  • I Want to See Gaia!
    I Want to See Gaia!Episode 40
  • Resurrection of Agul
    Resurrection of AgulEpisode 41
  • Gamu vs. Gamu
    Gamu vs. GamuEpisode 42
  • The Silver Eyes of Izak
    The Silver Eyes of IzakEpisode 43
  • Attack of the Space Monsters
    Attack of the Space MonstersEpisode 44
  • The Living Planet
    The Living PlanetEpisode 45
  • The Attack of the Forest
    The Attack of the ForestEpisode 46
  • X.I.G. Destroyed!?
    X.I.G. Destroyed!?Episode 47
  • Revenge of the Death God
    Revenge of the Death GodEpisode 48
  • An Angel Descends
    An Angel DescendsEpisode 49
  • The Cry of the Earth
    The Cry of the EarthEpisode 50
  • Earth is Ultraman's Home
    Earth is Ultraman's HomeEpisode 51

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