The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 65 · The Mystery Unravels · 25 min

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Buffy and LB arrive in Ying for their honeymoon, and Tweeg returns to his tower, baffled by the gold in the seashell box. Back in Rillonia, Grubby's family pays a visit to the Ruxpins, and Teddy reads from the Crystal Book. The book tells of how the Illipers went to the Hard To Find City for help when a drought struck, and how they came to know "The Kind Ones" and their Seven Crystals, who constructed aqueducts to bring water to the Illiper realm and developed underwater farming techniques. This leads the Trio to tell the tale of how they came to poses the Crystals and what their powers are. Teddy idly wonders whether Quellor has realized that he no longer possesses the Seventh Crystal, unaware that Quellor has already dispatched his pet bats to collect it. Teddy reads the last pages of the book, which goes on to describe the theft of the Seventh Crystal, the Gutang attack and the fall of the Hard To Find City and its Illiop civilization. The book tells how the Illiop leader, Theodore the Wise, took half of a medallion and led a group of refugees south, while others fled to the north. Everyone is so caught up in the story that they don't see one of Quellor's bats enter the house and fly away with the Seventh Crystal. Back at Tweeg's tower, Buffy and LB return from their honeymoon to find their boss on the verge of a nervous breakdown and Mrs. Maggotheart demanding Tweeg pay his MAVO dues. LB decides to be generous, and pays off Tweeg's dues with a portion of the gold from the seashell box. Back at the Ruxpin house, the Trio pack up, seemingly unaware that they no longer poses the Seventh Crystal, and take to the air for destinations unknown. And at MAVO HQ, Quellor reinstalls the Crystal in the Black Box and usesit to demonstrate another of the Seventh Crystal's powers -- the ability to record what it sees. The Crystal projects an image of Teddy, swearing to protect the Crystals for the rest of his life, and Quellor reaffirms his inten
Release Date
December 13, 1987

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