The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 59 · Musical Oppressors · 25 min

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Quellor plots his escape from the MAVO dungeon, and sends his pet bats to bring him the means of breaking out. The Understander places the six Crystals in the ceiling of MAVO HQ, and is baffled when nothing happens. LB tells Jack that he knows where the Black Box is, and fetches it from the Throne Room. When the other monsters and villains see LB with the Black Box, they declare him to be the new Supreme Oppressor. Back at the Airship, Gimmick, Grubby, and Wooly start to worry about Teddy. Meanwhile, the Understander realizes that a seventh receptacle exists in the center of the ceiling, and concludes that it must be for the Crystal in the Black Box. Quellor's bats return with rope and a Giant Droolbeast, who is coerced into ripping a hole in the side of the dungeon -- freeing Ickly instead. LB has Teddy brought before him for judgement -- and has him set free in repayment for saving his life. The Understander creates a distraction and steals the Seventh Crystal from the Black Box. She fits it into place, and all seven Crystals begin to glow. A beam of light shoots from MAVO HQ to the sky, and darkness falls over Grundo. A storm whips up as plants and trees begin to wither... Quellor's strength grows as the winds blow, and he breaks out of his cell and makes a run for a nearby cave to elude the guards. Meanwhile, Teddy seeks shelter from the storm in the same cave. Quellor attacks Teddy, but gets caught in a rockfall. Teddy makes a run for it. Back at the Airship, Grubby and Gimmick begin to bicker and Wooly decides to take a nap rather than search for Teddy as the effects of the Crystals begin tomanifest themselves.
Release Date
December 3, 1987

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