The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 58 · Fugitives · 25 min

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Teddy and the Hermit make their way to Gimmick's house. Teddy is eager to get there, but the Hermit advises caution. Upon examination, they realize that Gimmick's house is guarded. The two of them bump into Fuzz, who is also on his way to Gimmick's. Teddy gives the Fob a message for Grubby and Gimmick, and Fuzz proceeds on to the house. Once the guard at the front door has fallen asleep, Grubby and Gimmick sneak out, but are seen by a second guard, who alerts the MAVO camp near Tweeg's tower. Teddy and the Hermit meet up with Gimmick and Grubby at Wooly's house, the MAVO tracker right behind them. Inside the house, the Hermit tells what little there is of his story, prompting Gimmick to use the Crystal stethoscope on him -- which returns nothing. Gimmick concludes that the Hermit has been a victim of the Black Box, and postulates that he may have been sold to the Ying Zoo at some point. Teddy remembers the names in the cage, and the pieces begin to fall into place in his mind. The fire begins to wane, and so the Hermit volunteers to fetch more wood. He steps outside, only to be spotted by Maggotheart's crew, who mistake him for Teddy and capture him. Teddy looks outside to check on the Hermit, and sees signs of scuffle in the snow and the Eclipse flying away. Wooly and the Trio take the Airship in pursuit. At MAVO HQ, the Understander discovers that they have the wrong Illiop, and she and Eleanor set a trap... Louie delivers the latest issue of the Grundo Gazette to the Trio and Wooly, which includes an article on the Hermit being held in the MAVO dungeon. Teddy is horrified, and his resolve hardens. The Airship lands outside MAVO HQ, and Teddy announces that he's going on alone. He takes the Third Crystal and makes himself invisible, and sneaks inside. Teddy opens the Hermit's cell and makes himself visible, saying that everything will be fine... The Hermit pulls back his cloak, and reveals himself t
Release Date
December 2, 1987

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