The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 56 · Teddy's Quest · 25 min

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Teddy realizes that there's just one person that he forgot to deliver a gift to: The Hermit of Leekee Lake. Gimmick and Grubby offer to go with, but Teddy insists that this is a journey he must make on his own, and he heads out into the driving snow. At Tweeg's tower, the Bounders go on strike for the four years' worth of back pay owed to them. When Jack tells the Bounders that his mother is his only source of income, LB reluctantly offers (to the dismay of Buffy, his girlfriend) to go to Eleanor's to beg for an advance on Jack's allowance in order to pay him and the other Bounders, and also heads out into the snowstorm. At MAVO HQ, Quellor gives his henchmen an ultimatum: bring back Tweeg, or be victims of his Black Box. The Understander of Legends approaches Quellor,and claims that the more important task is capturing Teddy and the Crystals, but the Supreme Oppressor brushes her off. This leads the Understander to call on Drudge, Sludge, and Trudge to help her overthrow Quellor. Meanwhile, Teddy gets as far as Mizzly Meadow, when an elderly Elf couple, Maple and Zeb, offer him shelter from the blizzard as it worsens. LB finds Teddy's tracks, and follows them for a time. He steps out onto the ice- covered river that flows through the meadow, which cracks. LB plunges into the river, and contemplates death when he cannot climb out of the water. However, Teddy hears what LB intends as his last words, and pulls the Bounder from the icy waters and resuscitates him. Back at MAVO HQ, Quellor is lured into an ambush, and is knocked unconscious by Trudge. The Understander declares herself the new Supreme Oppressor, and has Quellor thrown into the dungeon. She declares that from this moment forth, all of MAVO's resources shall be devoted to capturing Teddy Ruxpin.
Release Date
November 30, 1987

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