The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 55 · Winter Adventure · 25 min

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Winter has officially arrived in Grundo, and Teddy and Grubby decide to introduce the Rillonian custom of gift-giving to Gimmick's Valley. The Trio get gifts for each other and everyone in the valley to make ready for the holiday. Tweeg spies on the Trio, and seeing them working with flour and buttermilk leads him to conclude that LB has leaked his gold formula. Meanwhile, at MAVO HQ, Quellor sends Drudge, Sludge, and Trudge to bring Tweeg back. Tweeg throws the Bounders out of the tower just as Quellor's henchmen arrive and take him prisoner. The henchmen proceed to trash the tower in search of the gold formula. Tweeg asks LB for forgiveness and begs the Bounder to rescue him. The Trio set out in the airship to give gifts to the Fobs, Wooly, Leota, and the Grunges. While they're gone, the Bounders break in and start work on a plan. They head back to the tower with an effigy of Tweeg and swap it for the real thing while the henchmen sleep. The Trio return home to find the lights on, but nobody home. They open the gifts they got for each other, and are soon visited by all their friends, who come bearing gifts. The next morning, the henchmen take the dummy to Quellor, who is furious. He becomes even further enraged when he learns that the paper the gold formula was printed on was used as wrapping paper and is now torn to pieces. Back at the tower, Tweeg and the Bounders exchange gifts, too.
Release Date
November 27, 1987

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