The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 54 · Wooly and the Giant Snowzos · 25 min

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The Trio land at Wooly's in the middle of a bitter snowstorm, amid strange noises which Gimmick dismisses as being caused by the storm. Before long, however, practically everyone in the Valley winds up at Wooly's, scared of the legendary Giant Snowzos, despite Gimmick's insisting that they do not exist. Meanwhile, Tweeg gets the notion to try turning snowballs into Crystals using incantations from one of his spellbooks while the Bounders make a snowman. Tweeg has no success with making a Crystal, but when a big white creature appears unexpectedly, he thinks he made the snowman come to life. Back at Wooly's, Teddy and Wooly go outside to fetch firewood, and wind up leading the same white creature into the house. The creature turns out to be a Giant Snowzo, who looks and sounds very much like Wooly, and is just as friendly. The Snowzo explains that his kind are from the land beyond Ying,and only venture down to Grundo during the coldest storms. He also tells of a legend of a Snowzo who got lost in Grundo and never returned -- Wooly! The pieces all fall into place when Gimmick and the Fobs account for Wooly's purple color by way of his drinking colored water from Rainbow Falls. The Snowzo introduces everyone to his family, who announce that they must return home now that the storm is dying down. Wooly promises to visit them once the weather is warmer.
Release Date
November 26, 1987

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