The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 52 · Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets · 25 min

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Mr. Beanly visits the Trio and delivers an invitation to a Logic Fair hosted by King Nogburt. Gimmick isn't sure what invention to take to the fair, and complains that none of his inventions ever work the way he intends them to, and becomes depressed. Grubby begins to whip up a batch of Root Beer for the Fair, when Tweeg poses as a soft drink magnate and cons Grubby out of the recipe. Gimmick unveils a larger airbag for the Airship, allowing them to take the Subwater Boat with them, but still isn't sure about his abilities. Meanwhile, Frank and Faye Fob head for the fair with their invention, a cart for pulling baby Fobs, when an earthquake hits, separating the parents on a spire. The Trio, now en route to the fair, hear the Fobs' cries for help and land near Trembly Fault to help. Gimmick rips apart the music-making machine he'd planned to enter in the fair, and uses the accordion inside it to create a makeshift bridge to rescue Frank and Faye. At the fair, Teddy and Grubby look over the other exhibits, while Gimmick and Eunice walk off together (to discuss biology, perhaps?). Grubby discovers to his horror that Tweeg is passing off Grubby's Root Beer as his own concoction, but Tweeg is goaded into shaking up his barrel of the beverage until it explodes, and the truth is revealed. Gimmick finally unveils his entry into the fair with new confidence (guess that "talk" with Eunice did him good) -- the Port-A-Bridge!
Release Date
November 24, 1987

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