Season 24

Day by day, Maury and his producers invite guests to the show. The audience participates and put questions to the guests. This talk-show is different from many of its peers by handling topics that are more sensitive and "private."

120 Episodes

I was shot 7 times and Paralyzed... That Can't be my Baby
i Saw the Video.. DNA Test The Man I Busted you with
TBCEpisode 3
I Need Another DNA Test.. This Time i Have the right Guy
Four minutes of Maury ... Friday Fury
i'm Positive Youn Cheated with my Brother.. Is this my Child
Is My Husband or my 2nd Cousin the father of my Child
Classic Maury Rewind. Guilty or Innocent
Your Spiritual Vibes told me. I'm Not your Baby's Dad
I'm 19.. I"ll Prove my 41 year old husband is my baby's Dad
You Revenge Cheated.. That's Not my Brother's baby
DNA Test all three kid.. Their looks dont match
I Never Knew You were married... But I'll Prove you're the dad
Time For the Truth.. The Secrets are Out
One Man, Four Angry Adult Kids.. is He their father?
Classic Maury rewind.. Scary Love Triangles
Back For the 3rd time.. I"m Sure this man is the Dad
I'm 34 and you're 23.. How can i be your Father
if you cheater with a friend, An Ex or my family Member.. It's Over
You Slept with my Family Member.. How am i the dad
I'm 21... This 52 year old got me pregnant and Denies my Baby
Why would you leave town pregnant? There kids Aren't mine
4 minutes of Maury.... Fast and Furious Results
3 minutes in a Car love can't make a baby.. Test Me
i'm 31 years old ... Why is this Teen saying i got her pregnant
She Seduced me with Potato Salad... But the kids aren't Mine
Maury's top 10..... Lovers or Liars
I'm 20.... DNA will prove this 49 year old got me Pregnant
Leave your wife for me today.. That's what i want
Classic Maury rewind... Can You Guess the Results
The Dna test will prove you have 11 kids w
Episode 32
Episode 32Episode 32
Drama Unleashed... After the Results
DNA Mysyeries Confronted...Karamo Has The results
DNA Family Reunions...Who Stayed Together?
Maury's Festive Fails.. Caught of Camera
Classic Maury Rewind.. The Gift of the Truth
Grandmas At war. Your Son Got my Teen Pregnant
Don't Trust your Husband.. I'll Prove this is his Son
Karamo is Back.... Outrageous Guest updates
Mom Tested 2 other men... You Have to be my dad
Top Ten New Year's Countdown
Your Mom is lying... My husbnad is not your dad
Will 2 DNA Tests Prove i'm raising another man's Kids
You Stole my Man, But ill Prove thats not his baby
You both slept with my Daughter, Who got her pregnant
You Cheated with over 50 guys.... Is this my son
I Did Cheat... But DNA Will Prove these are your twins
Your Baby loves Karate... That proves i cant be his father
4 moms 4 babies is Jalon the father of all 4 kids
Im Sterile and i think you cheated, DNA Test that child
i've tested 7 kids before... my wife needs to prove i'm the dad
Valentine Video .... Faints, Falls * Fails
Stop claiming my child.. Ill Prove you're not her dad
That test was bogus Only Maury can tell me i'm the dad
i Slept with 4 men.. is one of them my child's father
You cheated with my boss.. i know that;s not my baby
Classic Maury Rewind" Can You Spot a Cheater
Reveal the Results That;s not my brother's Baby
Our Open Relationship Backfired ... is the other man the Dad
Raised by a white family.. Will Dna connect me to my Black heritage
Maury Guests Return.... NEw Test. NEw results, New Drama
You Wanted me Pregnant at 17.. Now You Deny Our Child
My 4th Time on Maury... This Guy has to be the dad
Your Mom is lying to you.. Im Not Your Dad
You are the 11th women to try and pin a baby on me
Had a baby with your Fiance.. DNA Will Prove it
After 8 years together... Now You Deny my Baby
Episode 69
Episode 69Episode 69
Episode 70
Episode 70Episode 70
Episode 71
Episode 71Episode 71
Episode 72
Episode 72Episode 72
Episode 73
Episode 73Episode 73
Nobody Cheats Just Once... Give My Husband the Test!
Episode 75
Episode 75Episode 75
My Wife Cheated.... Whose Baby Am I Raising?
If You Want Our Marriage to Survive... Pass the Test!
Six Angry Siblings, One Burning Question, Is Robert Their Father?
Episode 79
Episode 79Episode 79
Episode 80
Episode 80Episode 80
DNA Test These Brothers.... Is One of Them My Dad?
Episode 82
Episode 82Episode 82
Episode 83
Episode 83Episode 83
Will DNA Prove My Deceased son had a Daughter
Episode 85
Episode 85Episode 85
Episode 86
Episode 86Episode 86
Episode 87
Episode 87Episode 87
Episode 88
Episode 88Episode 88
Episode 89
Episode 89Episode 89
You begged for a baby... Now you want a DNA Test
Episode 91
Episode 91Episode 91
Episode 92
Episode 92Episode 92
Episode 93
Episode 93Episode 93
Shot and Paralyzed:: How Can I Be Your baby's Father
Maury, Read The Results and Silence there Denying Dads
Maury, Give me the results. i hope im the dad
Classic Maury Rewind: Young Love Gone Wrong
i Saw a video of you Cheating,, Now Prove that's my Child
Summer Friday Flashback... Are you Cheating with my family Member
Episode 100
Episode 100Episode 100
Episode 101
Episode 101Episode 101
Episode 102
Episode 102Episode 102
Summer Friday Flashback.. Grandmas At War
Who Fathered my Baby..... My Husband or my Cousin
Summer Friday Flashback.... Lovers and Liars Exposed
Summer Friday Flashback: Angry Moms Battle DNA Deniers
I Dont Cheat with my Subscribers.. You Are my Baby's dad
Your Mom Lied. Ill Prove You're not my Childern
Im Only 19, am i raising another Mans Child
Friday Flashback.. Will The Results Ruin our older/./younger Relationship
5 women 9 babies which man is the father
Classic Maury Rewind i Will Confront your Mistress today
Ive Waited 44 Years for this.. Are You My dad
Your 100,000 Followers are Wrong. You Are the Dad
top Ten Countdown: Villians vs Heroes
My Mom Had me at 16, Are you My father
Classic maury Rewind: The Most Absurd DNA Denials
DNA Will Prove this is your husband's Child
After the Results Maury Guest updates
Who fathered my Baby... my Husband or My One-Night Stand

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