Season 22

Day by day, Maury and his producers invite guests to the show. The audience participates and put questions to the guests. This talk-show is different from many of its peers by handling topics that are more sensitive and "private."

120 Episodes

Don't Trust My Sister ... She Told Me You're Not Her Baby's Father!
DNA Will Prove I Don't Have 13 Kids, Starting With You 3!
Is the Man I Love in a Secret Relationship With My Mom?
Will DNA Prove My Wife Had a Baby with Another Man... Again!
Your Baby Looks Exactly Like My Man! DNA Test Them All!
I'll Prove to You and Your Fiancee ... You Got Me Pregnant at 17!
My Husband Doesn't Get It ... I Cheated and He's Not the Dad!
Sexting Evidence Exposed ... Is My Newlywed Husband Cheating?
The DNA Test Will Prove You Have Eight Children!
Our Brother Wanted a DNA Test Before He Died ... That's Not His Baby
DNA Test My Husband and Ex-Husband ... One of Them Is the Dad!
More Maury After the Results ... the Gloves Are Off!
This Teen Girl Is Lying ... That's Not My Son's Baby!
Test My Fiance and His Twin ... Are They a Cheating Tag Team?
I Can't Leave Your Husband Alone ... I'll Prove He's My Baby's Father!
Your 17-Year-Old Girlfriend Needs to Butt Out ... This Is Your Baby!
Is My Fiance's Barbershop His Secret Love Den? Test Him
A Parent's Worst Nightmare ... Can a Psychic Find My Missing Child?
Mom, Did You Lie to Me for 25 Years? Is This Man My Dad?
My Mom Just Got Married ... I'll Prove My Stepdad Is a Cheater!
Who's My Baby's Father... My Husband or My Lover?
Were You Cheating While I Was Carrying Our Baby?
Will These DNA Tests Prove I Have 16 Grandchildren?
Teen Couples Tested... Who Survived the Results?
Are Two Different Men the Fathers of My Two Kids? Test Them!
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My Man Bullies and Abuses Me ... I'll Prove I'm Not Cheating!
You Love Him ... but the DNA Will Prove I Had a Baby With Him!
You Can't Trick Us ... That's Not My Teen Son's Baby!
I Haven't Made a Child in 21 Years ... That Can't Be My Baby!
Family Lies Exposed ... Is My Cousin Sleeping With My Husband?
DNA Test These Men ... Who Did My Wife Have a Baby With?
The Test Will Prove Your Fiance Is Secretly in Love With Me!
The Test Will Prove Your Fiance Is Secretly in Love With Me!
Did This Teen Give Birth To My Son's Baby? The DNA Will Tell
I Lied 20 Years Ago ... DNA Will Prove You Fathered My Twins!
Maury, After the Results ... 15 Years Later!
man to man Stop denying my teen daughter's baby
Best Friend Secrets Revealed ... I Had a Baby With Her Man!
DNA Will Prove I Just Gave Birth to Your Husband's Baby!
I Have a Secret ... I'm Having a Baby With My Cousin's Man!
You're Nuts ... I'll Prove a Brick Attack Didn't Make Me Sterile!
3 Babies ... 3 Men in Denial ... Are Any of Them the Dad?
My Friend Was Naked ... Prove You Didn't Cheat With Her!
I Had Another Baby ... I'm Back for More DNA Tests!
DNA Will Prove Your Husband Got My Teen Daughter Pregnant!
Is My Best Friend Really My Sister? The Results Are In!
I Need a Family for the Holidays ... Give Me the DNA Results!
Mom ... Please Prove You're Not Sleeping With My Man!
Lead Poisoning Made Me Sterile ... That's Not My Baby!
Who Fathered My Wife's Baby ... Me or My Brother?
Hairy Holiday Maury Makeovers!
I Have One Wish for the Holidays ... Pass the Test!
I Cheated on My Husband ... Who Is My Baby's Real Father?
My Daughter Lied and Slept Around ... DNA Test Your Baby!
Angry Mom Returns ... New Men, New DNA Tests!
Top 10 Most Outrageous Guests of 2019 ... Who Is #1?
My Wife Cheated With My Brother ... Are These My Kids?
The Sonogram Looks Like Your Twin ... I'll Prove You're the Dad!
I'm Back for the 4th Time ... This Has to Be My Husband's Baby!
DNA Will Prove You Have 7 Children With 6 Women!
I'm Praying DNA Proves I'm Not Raising Another Man's Baby!
I'm 28 ... Is My 58-Year-Old Boyfriend a Cheater?
My Sick Baby Needs Her Father ... I'll Prove You're Her Dad!
We Are Praying That a Psychic Can Help Find Our Missing Child!
My Girlfriend Is a Better Father Than You ... but I'll Prove You're the Dad!
We Had a 30-Second One-Night Stand ... That's Not My Baby!
I've Been Tested for 5 Babies ... They Can't All Be Mine!
Is My Fiancee Sleeping With My Own Mother? Give Them the Test!
DNA Will Prove My Baby Is Your 16th Child!
Is My Man Having an Affair With My Teen Sister?
Mom, Stop Lying to Me ... Is This Man My Father or Not?
I'm 20 ... Help Me Prove This 49-Year-Old Is My Baby's Dad!
My Wife Cheated With My Best Friend ... Is He My Child's Dad?
Stop Lying to Your Man ... I'll Prove He's Raising My Baby!
Is My 44-Year-Old Mom Cheating With My Boyfriend?
One Drunk Weekend Doesn't Make Me Your Baby's Dad!
My Husband's an Idiot ... Help Me Prove He's the Father Again!
Did My Husband Get My Family Member Pregnant? Test Him!
My Wife Cheated ... Her Sister Told Me That's Not My Baby!
I'm a Rapper, Not a Cheater ... Now Give Me the Test!
Your Son Is Not Biracial ... so There Is No Way I'm the Dad!
My Identical Twin Is a Liar ... That's Not Your Baby!
My Husband's Ex Has a Secret for Me ... Bring Her Out!
Teen Internet Fame ... the Good, the Bad and the Business!
You'll Be Wrong Again! My Man Is Not Your Baby's Father
I Cheated With Your Friend ... But I didn't Get Her Pregnant
Back on Maury 16 Years Later ... Are You Still Cheating?
Read the Results! Did This Man Have a Baby With My Wife?
Are My Best Friends Sleeping With My Man? Test Them!
I Cheated On My Husband 10 Times ... Is This His Baby?
You've Missed 25 Years ... Today I'll Prove I'm Your Son!
Are We Dating Cheating Brothers? Give Them the Test!
Did My Fiancé Get This Woman Pregnant Again?
If You Cheated ... I Won't Let You Marry My Daughter!
Double Denial ... I'll Prove Your Twin Is My Baby's Dad!
Maury After the Results ... Time to Come Clean!
My Daughter Was With 5 Men ... That's Not Your Baby!
Did My Mom Seduce My Man in the Hot Tub? Test Them!
Denied for 19 Years ... Today I'll Prove You're My Dad!
My Dad Is Not Your Father ... We'll Prove It Today!
After the Threesome ... Is My Fiance Secretly Dating Her?
Will DNA Prove This Man Had a Child With My Wife?
Time for the Truth ... Outrageous Guest Updates!
Why Did You Name Your Baby After Me? ... I'm Not the Dad
Is My Husband Having an Affair With My Daughter?
Will DNA Prove My Husband Has 2 Grown Daughters?
You Cheated With a White Man ... That's Not My Son's Baby!
I Know You're Cheating On Me ... I Got a Text From Your Wife!
You Stole My Sperm ... but I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
After 28 Years of Lies ... Is This Man My Dad or Not?
The Test Will Prove Your Husband Is in Love With Me!
We Don't Trust You ... Prove That's My Son's Baby!
Why Do You Sext Other Women? Prove You're Not Cheating!

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