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Season 14

Day by day, Maury and his producers invite guests to the show. The audience participates and put questions to the guests. This talk-show is different from many of its peers by handling topics that are more sensitive and "private."

120 Episodes

Is Allen, Daniel or My Sister's Husband My Baby's Father?
Did My Fiance Cheat and Get My Teen Sister Pregnant?
Our Kids Look Like My Uncle George ... Is He Their Father?
Stop My Mom From Dressing Like a Porn Star!
I Slept With Two Sisters ... Are Both Their Babies Mine?
We Have 5 Kids Together ... DNA Will Prove It!
UnknownEpisode 7
Is Your Child Safe? Fights and Accidents Caught on Video!
My Fiancee Needs to Know My Unbelievable Sex Secret!
Your Baby Doesn't Have 12 Fingers ... He Can't Be My Son!
DNA Will Prove You Got Me and My Teen Cousin Pregnant!
I'm 26 ... My Fiance's 53 .. Will the Test Stop Our Wedding?
DNA Will Prove That I Did Not Have 3 Babies With These 3 Women
My Child Vanished ... Help Us Find Our Missing Kids!
5 Women ... 5 Babies ... Will He Be the Dad?
You Cheated With My Dad ... Your Kids Aren't Mine!
I'm 17 ... Is My Fiance Cheating With My Mom?
Shocking Results ... They're Back With Unbelievable Updates!
Bad Teen Moms ... Caught and Confronted
The Tests Will Uncover your Deep, Dark Secret!
Did My Husband Pay My Younger Sister for Sex?
I Heard You Had a Threesome ... Am I Your Baby's Father?
I Have 2 Girlfriends ... I Control and Abuse Them Both!
Expose Their Lies ... Did My Sister Sleep With My Man?
I Cheated With a 17-Year-Old ... But Her Baby Isn't Mine!
Family DNA Drama! Did My Husband Have a Baby at 13?
Shocking Sister Secrets ... I'm Sleeping With Your Fiance!
1 Teen Mom ... 3 Men Tested .. Who's Her Baby's Dad?
The Tests Will Expose Your Secret Double Life!
My Wife Cheated With 8 Men ... Am I Her Baby's Father?
We Are Both 18 ... I Will Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
We Had a Threesome ... Your Man Is My Baby's Father!
Outrageous Facebook Fan Updates ... They're Back!
I Saw You Having Sex ... Is My Best Friend Your Baby's Dad?
The 5th Man Tested: Is My Sister's Man My Baby's Dad?
You Can't Have Us Both ... It's Me or Your Wife!
I'm Praying My 14-Year-Old Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
I'm Only 17 ... Is My Man Cheating With My Aunt Brandy?
You Cheated With Justin ... Is He the Father of Our Three Kids?
I'm Black ... Your Baby Is White ... I Can't Be the Dad!
Test My Sister and My Man ... Are They Sleeping Together?
Test Him ... Did He Get Me and My Teen Cousin Pregnant?
Our Children Are Missing ... Please Help Us Find Them!
My Sister Slept With My Husband and Two Other Men ... Who's Her Baby's Dad?
My Cousin Slept With My Husband ... Test Them!
I Recorded My Wife Cheating ... I'll Prove Her Kids Aren't Mine!
I'll Prove This 16-Year-Old Boy Is My Baby's Father!
You're 21 ... My 41-Year-Old Father Is Not Your Baby's Dad!
I've Tested 5 Men ... Will I Finally Find My Baby's Dad?
Did My Husband Cheat and Get This Teen Girl Pregnant?
Is My Husband the Father of This Teen Girl's Baby?
I Saw a Sex Video of You on Your Phone ... Are You Cheating?
Holiday Honeys or Sexy Snowmen ... Born Men or Women?
Did My Husband Have a Baby When He Was 13? Test Him!
Did My Husband Have a Threesome and Get a Girl Pregnant?
1 Teen Mom ... 3 Men Tested ... Who's Her Baby's Father?
I Confess ... I Cheated With Both of Your Sisters!
I Was A Wild Teen And You're the Dad!
DNA Will Prove You Got Me and My Sister Pregnant
DNA Will Prove I'm the Father of Your Wife's Baby
Teased for Being Ugly ... My New Sexy Looks Will Shock You!
You Cheated With My Best Friend Harry ... Who's Your Baby's Dad?
My Brother Betrayed Me ... Is He My Baby's Father?
Maury's Most Talented Mini Idol 2012
These 3 Women Are Lying ... I'm Not Their Babies' Father!
You Caught Me Naked in Bed ... But I Didn't Cheat!
Are the Rumors True ... Did You Cheat on Me Over 30 Times?
Is My Man Washing Cars for Sex? Test Him!
Women Can't Think for Themselves ... They Need to Be Controlled!
I'm Praying My Brother Is Not My Baby's Father!
Did My Husband Sleep With My Best Friend ... Again?
Your Wife Chose Me ... I'll Prove I'm Her Baby's Father!
Is My Fiance Having Sex With My 18-Year-Old Niece?
I Have 17 Kids ... But I'll Prove Your Baby Isn't Mine!
Our Mom's Husband Is Half Her Age ... We'll Prove He Cheats!
DNA Will Prove Your Son Got My Teen Daughter Pregnant!
My 15-Year-Old Had a Baby ... I'll Prove Your Son Is the Dad!
Is My Fiance Sleeping With Both My Sisters and My Mom?
You Had Sex With Me and My Dad ... Who's Your Baby's Father?
My Mom Is 38 ... Is Her 19-Year-Old Husband Cheating?
I Slept With My Best Friend's Wife ... Am I Their Baby's Dad?
Did My Father Sleep With My Fiance? Test Them Both!
Teen DNA Drama ... Did My Son Get Your 16-Year-Old Pregnant?
Did You Cheat in Our Bed and Get a Woman Pregnant?
5 Babies Tested ... Which Man Is the Father?
9 Angry Women ... 9 Babies ... Who Is the Father?
Married 6 Months ... Is My Husband a Male Prostitute?
Your Wife Is a Liar ... We Had an Affair and I'm Your Baby's Dad!
I'll Prove I'm Sterile and I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Are the Texts True ... Did You Cheat and Get a Woman Pregnant?
My Wife Cheated ... I'll Prove Her 3 Kids Aren't Mine!
3 Babies ... 3 Angry Moms ... Is Shawn the Father?
I Slept With Your Wife ... I'll Prove Your Baby Is Mine!
Test My Mom's Man ... He Cheats and Tried to Sleep With Me!
I'm in Love With Your Fiancee ... I Hope Her Baby Is Mine!
Stop My 15-Year-Old From Selling Her Body!
I Secretly Slept With My Fiance's Teen Sister 100 Times!
I Slept With My Brother's Fiancee ... Am I Her Baby's Dad?
I Have Video Proof ... My Son Is Cheating on You!
Hop Into Spring With Jungle Jack Hanna!
Who's My Baby's Father ... Mario, Dee, Timbo or Black?
You Have 14 Children ... We Will Prove It Today!
You Missed the Birth of Our Son ... Were You Cheating?
You Cheated With My Dad ... Did He Father Our 2 Kids?
I Gave My Husband a Threesome ... Is He Still Sleeping With Her?
The Twins Are Back! Is the 4th Man Tested the Baby's Dad?
If My Fiance Slept With My 2 Cousins ... the Wedding Is Off!
4 Men Tested ... Are Any of Them the Baby's Father?
If You Slept With My Maid of Honor ... the Wedding Is Off!
The DNA Test Will Prove You Have 13 Kids!
They're Making Me Choose Today ... My Mistress or My Wife!
I'll Prove It Again ... My Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Test Your 5,000 Facebook Friends ... I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Is My Fiance a Pimp and Cheating on Me? Test Him!
They Failed ... They Ran ... They're Back! Guest Updates!
Is My Husband Cheating With My Baby Sister? Test Them Both!
Who's My Baby's Father ... Don or His Brother Tim?
DNA Will Prove Your Husband Got Me Pregnant ... Twice!
We're Triplets ... Did My Husband Cheat With Both of My Sisters?
1 Wife ... 1 Ex-Girlfriend ... 2 Babies ... Is Glenn the Father?

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