Iron Chef

Season 5

Chefs from all over the world come to Kitchen Stadium to do culinary battle with one of Chairman Kaga's "Iron Chefs." Both the challenger and the Iron Chef have one hour to prepare a meal in which each course must prominently include the featured ingredient for that day's show. After the meals are prepared, a panel of judges samples both meals and determines who has made the better meal. Throughout the cook-off, running commentary is made by two "sports-casters" in a booth and one floor reporter.

48 Episodes

Sakai vs Kasahara Hiroshi (Rice Cake Battle)
Chen vs Michifude Hiroshi (Dried Scallop Battle)
Sakai vs Rory Kennedy (Rabbit Battle)
Sakai vs Rory Kennedy (Pigeon Battle) Overtime
Nakamura vs Morieda Hiroyoshi (Crab Battle)
Chen vs Kou Houkou (Rice Battle)
Sakai vs Shimada Tetsuya (Truffle Battle)
Nakamura vs Yamazaki Tateo (Nattou Battle)
Sakai vs Jyo Etsuo (Wine Battle)
Chen vs Wakiya Yuji (Papaya Battle)
Nakamura vs Mera Takashi (Seaweed Battle)
Sakai vs Kitami Hiroyuki (Honey Battle)
Nakamura vs You Koukan (Hanami Festival)
Sakai vs Okumura Shinzou (Bamboo Shoot Battle)
Chen vs Ootsuki Chihiro (Tomato Battle)
Sakai vs Sasaki Kiyoyasu (Perch Battle)
Nakamura vs Azumaya Norio (Pork Battle)
Nakamura vs Jillian Harst (Ostrich Battle)
Chen vs Takagi Masao (Duck's Egg Battle)
Sakai vs Germano Orsara (Ham Battle)
Nakamura vs Sakane Hisahito (Sea Eel Battle)
Kobe vs Hagiwara Masahiko (Pasta Battle)
Sakai vs Sato Norio (Amberjack - Kampachi Battle)
Chen vs Syu Kenchu (Akahata - Grouper Battle)
Nakamura vs Kashima Masami (Prawn Battle)
Sakai vs Ishikawa Toshiyuki (Sea Urchin Battle)
Chen vs Matsuno Yoshikazu (Mantis Shrimp - Shako Battle)
Kobe vs Stephan Tabacchi (Cabbage Battle)
Sakai vs Toyoshima Seiji (Milk Battle)
Nakamura Chin vs Sakai Kobe (Watermelon Battle)
Chen vs Souseiko Kawaguchi (Eggplant Battle)
Sakai vs Androsoni Pietro (Melon Battle)
Nakamura vs Kojima Koten (Potato Battle)
Nakamura vs Kojima Koten (Flatfish Battle) Overtime
Sakai vs Nakajima Toshiyuki (Cow's Cheek Battle)
Chen vs Igarashi Miyuki (Cucumber Battle)
Kobe vs Imai Fujio (Matsutake Battle)
1997 World Cup
1997 World CupEpisode 38
Chen vs Nagasaka Matsuo (Spareribs Battle)
Sakai vs Goto Masashi (Prawn Battle)
Kobe vs Seki Yuji (Chestnut Battle)
Nakamura vs Azuma Keiji (Lamb Battle)
Chen vs Matsushima Toru (Crab Battle)
Kobe vs Takahashi Kazunari (Milt Battle)
Kobe vs Takahashi Kazunari (Shrimp Battle) Over Time
Nakamura vs Moris Guilett (Scallop Battle)
Kobe vs Takagi Yasumasa (Strawberry Battle)
Nakamura vs Kandagawa Toshiro (Bony Parts Battle)

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