In the present, a team of four anthropomorphic dinosaurs created by aliens, must stop three anthropomorphic velociraptors, who want to cause a cataclysm that would speed up global warming and make Earth's climate pleasant for dinos again.

52 Episodes

Out Of Time
Out Of TimeEpisode 1
Fossil Fooled
Fossil FooledEpisode 2
Ick-thysaurus Vacation
Inevitable Eggztinction
RaptoroidEpisode 5
Bullzeye Surfs The Web
Saurian Sniffles
Jurassic Art
Jurassic ArtEpisode 8
Mission Implausible
Cyber-RaptorsEpisode 10
Loch Ness Mess
Loch Ness MessEpisode 11
Dialing For Dinosaurs
There's No Place Like Dome
Raptorian Crude
Raptorian CrudeEpisode 14
The Rulebook Of Love
Monstersaurus Truckadon
The Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs
Lunar Toons
Lunar ToonsEpisode 18
Have A Nice Daynosaur
Bones Of Contention
The Bad Seed
The Bad SeedEpisode 21
Earth Vs. Flying Raptors
Rebel Without A Clue
Day Of The Condorsaurus
The Dinosaur Prophecy
The Raptor Who Would Be King
The Return Of Argor
JealousaurusEpisode 28
Shrink Rap
Shrink RapEpisode 29
Night Of The Living Pumpkins
A Few Good Dinosaurs
Captain Pork
Captain PorkEpisode 32
Lights, Cameras, Raptors
Enter The Dinosaur
The Weresaur
The WeresaurEpisode 35
JinxedEpisode 36
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Cliff Notes
Cliff NotesEpisode 38
ColossodomeEpisode 39
Dinosaur Warriors
Sur Fasaurus Up
Sur Fasaurus UpEpisode 41
Double-O Dinosaur
SalsifiedEpisode 43
T-FootEpisode 44
Zogwalla-ConEpisode 45
SafarisaurusEpisode 46
Sir Gus And The Dragon
The Extreme Files
A Bone To Pick
A Bone To PickEpisode 49
The Mysterious Island Of Dr. Monstromo
MedusasaurEpisode 51
Holiday On Ice
Holiday On IceEpisode 52

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