Tsubasa Ozora is 11-year-old who dreams to become the world's best football player and win the World Cup, his thoughts and dreams revolve almost entirely around the joy of football. In order to pursue his dream, Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu, where he will need the best of his abilities to stand out. He encounters not only rivals, but also friends.
52 Episodes
  • Take Flight
    Take FlightEpisode 1
  • He's flying!
    He's flying!Episode 2
  • A New Beginning for the Nankatsu Football Club
    A New Beginning for the Nankatsu Football ClubEpisode 3
  • Tsubasa and Roberto
    Tsubasa and RobertoEpisode 4
  • On The Way To The Inter-School Tournament
    On The Way To The Inter-School TournamentEpisode 5
  • Kick-Off! Nankatsu vs Shuutetsu
    Kick-Off! Nankatsu vs ShuutetsuEpisode 6
  • Fantasista Tsubasa
    Fantasista TsubasaEpisode 7
  • Birth of Nankatsu Golden Duo
    Birth of Nankatsu Golden DuoEpisode 8
  • Debonair End of Act
    Debonair End of ActEpisode 9
  • Kojiro Arrives
    Kojiro ArrivesEpisode 10
  • A Surprisingly Difficult Match
    A Surprisingly Difficult MatchEpisode 11
  • Crushing Wakabayashi
    Crushing WakabayashiEpisode 12
  • Now it's All Country!
    Now it's All Country!Episode 13
  • Nankatsu burns to beat Meiwa
    Nankatsu burns to beat MeiwaEpisode 14
  • I will not lose, because it is my dream!
    I will not lose, because it is my dream!Episode 15
  • This is Acrobatic Football!
    This is Acrobatic Football!Episode 16
  • 4 Minutes left! A decisive battle in mid-air!
    4 Minutes left! A decisive battle in mid-air!Episode 17
  • Road to the final
    Road to the finalEpisode 18
  • Tough match between Meiwa and Furano!
    Tough match between Meiwa and Furano!Episode 19
  • Musashi's secret plan
    Musashi's secret planEpisode 20
  • The Crystal Star
    The Crystal StarEpisode 21
  • Decisive play stoppage
    Decisive play stoppageEpisode 22
  • The Prodigy Goalkeeper Returns!
    The Prodigy Goalkeeper Returns!Episode 23
  • Tenacity, Definitely Tenacity!
    Tenacity, Definitely Tenacity!Episode 24
  • Blazing Counter Attack
    Blazing Counter AttackEpisode 25
  • Illusory Goal
    Illusory GoalEpisode 26
  • Moment of Glory
    Moment of GloryEpisode 27
  • Everyone's Setting Off
    Everyone's Setting OffEpisode 28
  • The Opening of the Summer (Start)!
    The Opening of the Summer (Start)!Episode 29
  • Prefectural Tournament Final Game! Falcon Shoot Appeared!
    Prefectural Tournament Final Game! Falcon Shoot Appeared!Episode 30
  • The Falcon versus Tsubasa
    The Falcon versus TsubasaEpisode 31
  • Defeated Tsubasa! Hyuga versus Misugi
    Defeated Tsubasa! Hyuga versus MisugiEpisode 32
  • Tokyo Tournament Conclusion
    Tokyo Tournament ConclusionEpisode 33
  • Fierce Battle Opening! Tournament Start
    Fierce Battle Opening! Tournament StartEpisode 34
  • Razor Power Explosion
    Razor Power ExplosionEpisode 35
  • Everyone's Decision
    Everyone's DecisionEpisode 36
  • Skylab Hurricane!
    Skylab Hurricane!Episode 37
  • Assault! Tachibana Brothers
    Assault! Tachibana BrothersEpisode 38
  • Nankatsu versus Hanawa Conclusion!
    Nankatsu versus Hanawa Conclusion!Episode 39
  • Furano goes to the front!
    Furano goes to the front!Episode 40
  • The Fearful Dark Horse
    The Fearful Dark HorseEpisode 41
  • Phoenix Tsubasa
    Phoenix TsubasaEpisode 42
  • The supplication of the tiger
    The supplication of the tigerEpisode 43
  • Number 10 vs Number 10
    Number 10 vs Number 10Episode 44
  • Tears in Airport
    Tears in AirportEpisode 45
  • Kick off of the Century
    Kick off of the CenturyEpisode 46
  • Confrontation of Destiny Once More
    Confrontation of Destiny Once MoreEpisode 47
  • The King Toho
    The King TohoEpisode 48
  • Incandescent Fighters, the Fierce Tiger and Tsubasa
    Incandescent Fighters, the Fierce Tiger and TsubasaEpisode 49
  • All-out war of Tenacity
    All-out war of TenacityEpisode 50
  • Miracle Drive Shoot!
    Miracle Drive Shoot!Episode 51
  • Endless Dream
    Endless DreamEpisode 52
Cast of Season 1
  • Yuko SanpeiTsubasa Oozora (voice)
  • Kenichi SuzumuraGenzou Wakabayashi (voice)
  • Ayaka FukuharaTaro Misaki (voice)
  • Mutsumi TamuraRyo Ishizaki (voice)
  • Takuya SatoKojirou Hyuga (voice)
  • Nobuo TobitaNarrator (voice)

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