Brittany and Michelle

E7    Jul 28, 2012    42m    TV-14
Bridezilla Michelle simply can’t stand it when things don’t go perfectly. This prim and proper ‘Zilla pitches a fit when her maid of honor is late for her manicure, threatens to lock up her fiancé’s, er, manly bits if he has a bachelor party, and flatly demands a more floral font for her pink glitter ice sculpture. Michelle even insists on giving her groom a golden glow at the tanning salon. Sadly, Greg’s attempt at payback fails when he insists on a more intense baking session, and ends up looking more lobster than lifeguard. But when push comes to shove, this priss-zilla isn’t afraid to run to mommy and daddy when she fails to lock down her own caterer. But there’s only so much of this behavior her family and friends can take before they start pushing back. Meanwhile, as Bridezilla Brittany’s wedding day approaches, she continues to ride roughshod over her long-suffering friends. At her bachelorette party, this ‘Zilla greedily gobbles up their gifts, thanking her bridesmaids by treating them like backup dancers and shoving her way to center stage during their dance routine. And woe to the bridesmaid who dares question Brittany’s ceremonial set-up, or the groomsman who hints at a bachelor party complete with strippers! But when all else fails, this bride to be isn’t afraid to resort to tears. When her wedding day finally arrives it seems as though all might be forgiven, that is, until Brittany keeps her groom waiting at the altar just a little too long. When he calls to check on her whereabouts, Brittany goes ballistic in the way only a true Bridezilla can.

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