Season 1

The fiercest battles of WWII come to life as never seen before in this collection of one of the most powerful epics of history. This documentary series takes you behind enemy lines and to the front lines of the tumultuous campaigns of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific theaters where the soldiers, sailors and airmen fought in the most defining time in the history of the modern world.

40 Episodes

Dunkirk (May, 1940)
Dunkirk (May, 1940)Episode 1
The Battle of Norway (Early 1940)
The Battle of Norway (Early 1940)Episode 2
The Bombing of England (Fall, 1940)
The Bombing of England (Fall, 1940)Episode 3
The Battle of Malta (June 1941)
The Battle of Malta (June 1941)Episode 4
North Africa (November, 1942)
North Africa (November, 1942)Episode 5
Monte Cassino (September 3, 1943)
Monte Cassino (September 3, 1943)Episode 6
D-Day (June 6, 1944)
D-Day (June 6, 1944)Episode 7
Retaking France (6 weeks after D-Day)
Retaking France (6 weeks after D-Day)Episode 8
The Fall of Singapore (October, 1941)
The Fall of Singapore (October, 1941)Episode 9
Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)
Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)Episode 10
The Battle of Midway (June 2, 1942)
The Battle of Midway (June 2, 1942)Episode 11
The Solomon Islands (July, 1942)
The Solomon Islands (July, 1942)Episode 12
The Gilbert Islands (November, 1943)
The Gilbert Islands (November, 1943)Episode 13
Burma: The Forgotten Front (Spring, 1943)
Burma: The Forgotten Front (Spring, 1943)Episode 14
Battle in Palau (Summer, 1944)
Battle in Palau (Summer, 1944)Episode 15
Liberation of the Philippines
Liberation of the PhilippinesEpisode 16
Operation Dragoon (August, 1944)
Operation Dragoon (August, 1944)Episode 17
Battle of the Bulge (December, 1944)
Battle of the Bulge (December, 1944)Episode 18
The Last Stronghold (November, 1944)
The Last Stronghold (November, 1944)Episode 19
Mount Hot Rocks (February 19, 1945)
Mount Hot Rocks (February 19, 1945)Episode 20
Operation Mercury (May, 1941)
Operation Mercury (May, 1941)Episode 21
Commerce Raiders
Commerce RaidersEpisode 22
Mount Belvedere (1944)
Mount Belvedere (1944)Episode 23
Fall of Berlin (1945)
Fall of Berlin (1945)Episode 24
Bombing of Germany
Bombing of GermanyEpisode 25
U-Boat War
U-Boat WarEpisode 26
Fall of Poland (September, 1939)
Fall of Poland (September, 1939)Episode 27
Battle of Tobruk
Battle of TobrukEpisode 28
Battle of Okinawa (Spring 1945)
Battle of Okinawa (Spring 1945)Episode 29
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle of StalingradEpisode 30
Fall of the Philippines (December, 1941)
Fall of the Philippines (December, 1941)Episode 31
Battle of Arnhem
Battle of ArnhemEpisode 32
Battle of Dieppe (August 1942)
Battle of Dieppe (August 1942)Episode 33
Battle of Anzio (Spring 1944)
Battle of Anzio (Spring 1944)Episode 34
Battle El Alamein (1942)
Battle El Alamein (1942)Episode 35
Battle of Remagen
Battle of RemagenEpisode 36
Battle of Kwajalein (Early 1944)
Battle of Kwajalein (Early 1944)Episode 37
Bombing of Ploesti
Bombing of PloestiEpisode 38
Battle of Sicily
Battle of SicilyEpisode 39
Liberation of Paris
Liberation of ParisEpisode 40



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