Animal X

Season 1

Episode 1 · Chupacabras, Magic Cows, Black Dogs · 60 min

Subject: CHUPACABRAS Location: USA Duration: 6:46 Since it was first sighted in Puerto Rico three years ago, the Chupacabra, or goatsucker, has become one of the greatest puzzles of the paranormal. Said to be around five feet tall with red eyes, fangs and powerful hind legs, it's been sighted as far away as Moscow. Animal X hits the Chupacabras trail to help unravel the mystery. Paranormal investigator Ted Loman and folklorist Jim Griffith give their expert assessments, while eye-witnesses offer first hand accounts of their terrifying encounters with the mysterious beast. Subject: MAGIC COWS Location: AUSTRALIA Duration: 7:40 Cattle and sheep in the high plains, near Canberra in Australia, are living to extraordinary ages, staying healthy and remaining reproductively randy well into their twilight years. Scientists are determined to find out more about the animals life sustaining bio-chemistry. Is it the water? Is it the soil? And does it hold the key to extending human life. S
Release Date
January 1, 1997

Cast of Animal X

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