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The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Directed by Esfir Shub
1927    87m    Not Rated
In May 1913 the Romanov Dynasty celebrates its 300th anniversary at the Russian throne. The last emperor in the long line is Tsar Nicholas II. He rules over a country with huge social and economic differences. Russia is for the most part still an agrarian society, but capitalism and its industries are growing. In 1914 Russia gets involved in the First World War. Tsar Nicholas II declares a general mobilization. A vast number of peasants and workers have to go to the front as soldiers. After three years the country is ruined by the war, and there is a shortage of provisions. In February 1917 workers begin striking in the capital, Petrograd. Their protests are soon joined by soldiers. A complete anarchy is threatening the country, when the parliament, called the duma, reorganizes the power structure by forming a new Provisional Government. At the same time the Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies forms another ruling body at the City Hall of Petrograd. In this situation Tsar Nicholas II sees no other possibility than to resign from his government. On the 4th of March 1917 he declares his abdication from the throne. The new Provisional Government and its war minister Kerensky continue the war. This presents an opportunity for the Bolsheviks to organize demonstrations and to persuade the workers and soldiers to overthrow the Provisional Government and seize power themselves.
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Cast of The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty
  • Mikhail AlekseyevSelf (with Tsar Nicholas) (archive footage)
  • Alexei BrusilovSelf (Consults with Another Officer) (archive footage)
  • Nikolai ChkheidzeSelf (Chairman, 1st Session, Petrograd Soviet) (archive footage)
  • Emperor Franz JosefSelf (Reviews Troops) (archive footage)
  • Vera FignerSelf (People's Will Party, in Open Car) (archive footage)
  • Grand Duchess AnastasiaSelf (archive footage)
  • Grand Duchess MarieSelf (archive footage)
  • Grand Duchess OlgaSelf (archive footage)
  • Grand Duchess TatianaSelf (archive footage)
  • Aleksandr GuchkovSelf (archive footage)
  • IliodorSelf (Monk, Rasputin's Rival) (archive footage) (as Illiodor)
  • Aleksandr IzvolskySelf (Ambassador to France, Gets in Carriage) (archive footage)
  • Joseph JoffreSelf (with Millerand) (archive footage)
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II of GermanySelf (archive footage)
  • Governor of KalugaSelf (archive footage)
  • Alexander KerenskySelf (Doffs Fur Hat, Shakes Hands of Soldiers) (archive footage)
  • King George V of the United KingdomSelf (in Ceremonial Carriage, Not Visible) (archive footage)
  • Alexander KolchakSelf (Aboard Ship) (archive footage)
  • P.V. KrupenskySelf (archive footage)
  • Vladimir LeninSelf (archive footage)
  • V.A. MaklakovSelf (archive footage)
  • Alexandre MillerandSelf (French War Minister, with Joffre) (archive footage)
  • Paul MilyukovSelf (archive footage)
  • Gospodin NekrasovSelf (archive footage)
  • Raymond PoincaréSelf (Visits Russia Just Before War Begins) (archive footage)
  • Vladimir PurishkevichSelf (archive footage)
  • Fyodor RodichevSelf (archive footage)
  • Mikhail RodzyankoSelf (archive footage)
  • Aleksey Nikolaeyvitch RomanovSelf (archive footage)
  • Vasily ShulginSelf (archive footage) (as V.V. Shulgin)
  • Vladimir SukhomlinovSelf (in Plain Field Uniform Coat) (archive footage)
  • Aleksei Sergeevich SuvorinSelf (Leader, Monarchist Press, Vremya) (archive footage)
  • Czar Nicholas II of RussiaSelf (archive footage)
  • Tsarina AlexandraSelf (archive footage)
  • Irakli TseretelliSelf (Leader, Mensheviks) (archive footage)
  • N.A. VtorovSelf (Owner, Vtorovsky Armaments Factory) (archive footage)
  • Nikolai YudenichSelf (Signs Papers) (archive footage)
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