Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

1980    2h 4m    PG
Action, Adventure,
The epic saga continues as Luke Skywalker, in hopes of defeating the evil Galactic Empire, learns the ways of the Jedi from aging master Yoda. But Darth Vader is more determined than ever to capture Luke. Meanwhile, rebel leader Princess Leia, cocky Han Solo, Chewbacca, and droids C-3PO and R2-D2 are thrown into various stages of capture, betrayal and despair.
Directed By
Irvin Kershner
Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Cast of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
  • Mark HamillLuke Skywalker
  • Harrison FordHan Solo
  • Carrie FisherPrincess Leia
  • Billy Dee WilliamsLando Calrissian
  • Anthony DanielsC-3PO
  • David ProwseDarth Vader
  • Peter MayhewChewbacca
  • Kenny BakerR2-D2
  • Frank OzYoda (Voice)
  • Alec GuinnessObi-Wan Kenobi
  • Jeremy BullochBoba Fett
  • Jason WingreenBoba Fett (voice - uncredited)
  • John HollisLando's Aide
  • Jack PurvisChief Ugnaught
  • Des WebbSnow Creature
  • Kathryn MullenPerforming Assistant for Yoda
  • Marjorie EatonEmperor (uncredited)
  • Clive RevillEmperor (voice)
  • Kenneth ColleyAdmiral Piett
  • Julian GloverGeneral Veers
  • Michael SheardAdmiral Ozzel
  • Michael CulverCaptain Needa
  • John DicksCaptain Lennox
  • Milton JohnsBewil
  • Mark JonesCommander Nemet
  • Oliver MaguireCabbel
  • Robin ScobeyLieutenant Venka
  • Bruce BoaGeneral Carlist Rieekan
  • Christopher MalcolmZev Senesca
  • Denis LawsonWedge Antilles
  • Richard OldfieldDerek "Hobbie" Klivian
  • John MortonDak Ralter
  • Ian ListonWes Janson
  • John RatzenbergerMajor Derlin
  • Jack McKenzieCal Alder
  • Jerry HarteRebel Force Head Controller
  • Norman ChancerTamizander Rey
  • Norwich DuffJeroen Webb
  • Ray HassettTigran Jamiro
  • Brigitte KahnToryn Farr
  • Burnell TuckerWyron Serper
  • Bob AndersonImperial Officer (uncredited)
  • Lightning BearStormtrooper (uncredited)
  • Richard BonehillStormtrooper / Snowtrooper / Rebel Soldier / ... (uncredited)
  • John CannonHolographic Imperial Officer (uncredited)
  • Mark CapriOfficer M'kae (Captain Needa's Communications Officer) (uncredited)
  • Martin DewCloud City Guard (uncredited)
  • Peter DiamondSnowtrooper Gunner (uncredited)
  • Stuart FellSnowtrooper (uncredited)
  • Doug RobinsonSnowtrooper (uncredited)
  • Tony SmartSnowtrooper (uncredited)
  • Alan HarrisBossk / Bespin Security Guard (uncredited)
  • James Earl JonesDarth Vader (voice) (uncredited)
  • Mac McDonaldRebel Pilot (uncredited)
  • Ralph McQuarrieGeneral McQuarrie (uncredited)
  • Ralph MorseStormtrooper / Imperial Comms Officer / Rebel Soldier (uncredited)
  • Terry RichardsWampa (uncredited)
  • Treat WilliamsEcho Base Trooper (uncredited)
  • Shaun CurryHoth Rebel Commander (uncredited)
  • Alan AustenStormtrooper/Snowtrooper
  • Jim DowdallStormtrooper/Snowtrooper
  • Tom EgelandHoth Trooper (uncredited)
  • Alan FlyngStormtrooper (uncredited)
  • Trevor ButterfieldImperial Officer / Stormtrooper (uncredited)
  • Mercedes BurleighFemale Hoth Control Room Tech (uncredited)
  • Jane BusbyUgnaught (uncredited)
  • Maurice BushDengar (uncredited)
  • Tony ClarkinStormtrooper (uncredited)
  • Mike EdmondsUgnaught (uncredited)
  • Walter HenryRebel Technician on Hoth (uncredited)
  • Paul JerrichoAT-AT Driver (uncredited)
  • Joe JohnstonHoth Rebel (uncredited)
  • Steven MeekStormtrooper / Chewbacca / Treva Horme / Solomahal (uncredited)
  • Peter RoySnowtrooper (uncredited)
  • Stephanie EnglishHoth Rebel Technician (uncredited)
  • Michael LeaderImperial Crewman (uncredited)
  • Egbert SenWillrow Hood (uncredited)
  • Elaine BakerEmperor (uncredited)
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