Azuma Kazuma isn't terribly clever, but he's got a good heart and great skill - at baking. Since childhood, he's been on a quest to create the perfect bread to represent Japan internationally. Now, he seeks to enter the famous bakery Pantasia, in hopes of reaching his goal.

26 Episodes

Let's All Make Bread Together!! It's Japan #2!
The Ten Billion Yen Man?! Pantasia's Life or Death Crisis!
Close Attack!! The Birth of the Black Japan!
And Now, It's France! Aim for the Monaco Cup!
The Critical Touch and Go Situation!! The Prohibited Rodin Strategy!
World-class Level!! The Roulette that Calls a Storm
Snacks at 3 p.m.!! It`s Japan #21!
Lupin #3!! Kai`s Pan.De.Ebisu
The World is Watching!! Monaco Cup Main Lane Start!
A Speed Contest!! Ping It with That!
Survival! Bakers on an Uninhabited Island
Now Then, Swim!! The 'Fried Fish' of the South Island!
A Dive into Hell!! A New Scheme!
Pierrot's Miscalculation!! How the Last Dinner Tastes
The King's Question!! Who is the First Person to Whom You Feed Your Bread?
Mysterious Brothers!! Kaizer's Natural Shape!
Lots of Nutrients!! The Sports Bread Showdown!
The Sound Speed Threat!! Gopan #97
Nude Nude Nude!! Magnificent Bread Battle!
Pierrot Arrested! Bows Between Love and Bread!
Victory! Bring a Revolution to the Bread Industry!
Great Dectective Piero!! Reaction that Gave Life!
Reunion at the VIP seat!! Heaven Again
Confuse the Universe!! Man who Succeeded Gopan
Final Ingredients Assembled!! Greatest Tournament in History
Pierrot Transcends Time!! Japan to the Top of the World!?

Cast of Yakitate!! Japan

Marina InoueShigeru Kanmuri (voice)
Yumiko KobayashiKazuma Azuma (voice)
Yu ShimakaDave Hashiguchi (voice)
Takehito KoyasuRyou Kuroyanagi (voice)
Chigusa IkedaMizuno Azusagawa (voice)
Tomokazu SekiPierrot Bolneze (voice)
Chihiro OtsukaTsukino Azusagawa (voice)
Takayuki SakazumeKai Suwabara (voice)
Show HayamiMeister Kirisaki (voice)
Shiro SaitoRyuu Roumen (voice)
Atsuko YuyaYukino Azusagawa (voice)
Rie KugimiyaMonica Adenauer (voice)
Setsuji SatoKageto Kinoshita (voice)
Hiroki TouchiKen Matsushiro (voice)
Shuhei SakaguchiKyousuke Kawachi (voice)
Fumihiko TachikiYuuichi Kirisaki (voice)

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