Ultraman Tiga

Hayata is a member of the Science Patrol, an organization tasked with investigating bizarre anomalies. He is mortally wounded when accidently encountering an alien being from Land of Light, who grants Hayata new life as the two are merged into one. Now, whenever a threat arises that is too great for the Science Patrol to handle, Hayata activates the beta capsule and becomes the hero known as Ultraman.
52 Episodes
  • The One Who Inherits the Light
    The One Who Inherits the LightEpisode 1
  • Stone of Legends
    Stone of LegendsEpisode 2
  • The Devil's Prophecy
    The Devil's ProphecyEpisode 3
  • Sa-yo-na-ra Earth
    Sa-yo-na-ra EarthEpisode 4
  • The Day the Monster Came Out
    The Day the Monster Came OutEpisode 5
  • Second Contact
    Second ContactEpisode 6
  • The Man Who Came Down To Earth
    The Man Who Came Down To EarthEpisode 7
  • On Halloween Night
    On Halloween NightEpisode 8
  • The Girl Who Waits for a Monster
    The Girl Who Waits for a MonsterEpisode 9
  • The Closed Amusement Park
    The Closed Amusement ParkEpisode 10
  • Requiem to the Darkness
    Requiem to the DarknessEpisode 11
  • S.O.S from the Deep Sea
    S.O.S from the Deep SeaEpisode 12
  • Human Collecting
    Human CollectingEpisode 13
  • The Released Target
    The Released TargetEpisode 14
  • The Phantom Dash
    The Phantom DashEpisode 15
  • Resurrected Fiend
    Resurrected FiendEpisode 16
  • Red and Blue's Battle
    Red and Blue's BattleEpisode 17
  • Golza's Counterattack
    Golza's CounterattackEpisode 18
  • GUTS to the Sky (part 1)
    GUTS to the Sky (part 1)Episode 19
  • GUTS to the Sky (part 2)
    GUTS to the Sky (part 2)Episode 20
  • Deban's Turn
    Deban's TurnEpisode 21
  • A Fog's Coming
    A Fog's ComingEpisode 22
  • Dinosaurs' Star
    Dinosaurs' StarEpisode 23
  • Go! Monster Expedition Team
    Go! Monster Expedition TeamEpisode 24
  • The Devil's Judgement
    The Devil's JudgementEpisode 25
  • Evil Monster Realm of the Rainbow
    Evil Monster Realm of the RainbowEpisode 26
  • I Saw Obico!
    I Saw Obico!Episode 27
  • Fragile...
    Fragile...Episode 28
  • Blue Night's Memory
    Blue Night's MemoryEpisode 29
  • Monster Zoo
    Monster ZooEpisode 30
  • The Attacked GUTS Base
    The Attacked GUTS BaseEpisode 31
  • Zelda Point's Defenses
    Zelda Point's DefensesEpisode 32
  • Vampire City
    Vampire CityEpisode 33
  • To The Southern Limit
    To The Southern LimitEpisode 34
  • The Sleeping Maiden
    The Sleeping MaidenEpisode 35
  • The Time-Transcending Smile
    The Time-Transcending SmileEpisode 36
  • Flower
    FlowerEpisode 37
  • The Mirage Monster
    The Mirage MonsterEpisode 38
  • Dear Mr. Ultraman
    Dear Mr. UltramanEpisode 39
  • Dream
    DreamEpisode 40
  • Friend from Space
    Friend from SpaceEpisode 41
  • Town Where the Girl Disappeared
    Town Where the Girl DisappearedEpisode 42
  • Land Shark
    Land SharkEpisode 43
  • The One Who Inherits the Shadows
    The One Who Inherits the ShadowsEpisode 44
  • Eternal Life
    Eternal LifeEpisode 45
  • Let's Go to Kamakura!
    Let's Go to Kamakura!Episode 46
  • Goodbye to Darkness
    Goodbye to DarknessEpisode 47
  • Fugitive from The Moon
    Fugitive from The MoonEpisode 48
  • The Ultra Star
    The Ultra StarEpisode 49
  • Take Me Higher!
    Take Me Higher!Episode 50
  • Master of Darkness
    Master of DarknessEpisode 51
  • To The Shining Ones
    To The Shining OnesEpisode 52

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