The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 61 · Father's Day · 25 min

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Tweeg receives the latest copy of the Grundo Gazette, which reports to his horror that both he and LB are wanted by MAVO -- dead or alive -- and that he is being hunted by MAVO agents. This prompts Tweeg to plot to build a Black Box of his own. He sends LB to steal one of Teddy's Crystals, but LB is more interested in spending time with Buffy. LB goes to Gimmick's House, and winds up visiting with Teddy. LB mentions Tweeg's latest scheme in conversation, along with how Tweeg's memory was restored by putting the Seventh Crystal in the Black Box backwards. LB returns to Tweeg's tower, and bumps into Buffy, who is wearing a large rhinestone. LB gives it to Tweeg as a Crystal. Meanwhile, Teddy convinces Gimmick build a mockup of the Black Box as well (what a coinkydink!). Gimmick points it at the Hermit, and pushes the button... Everything slowly begins coming back to him... He recounts his life years ago as trader and explorer in Rillonia, and how he had a wife,Ilana, and a baby son... Teddy! He goes on to explain how he crossed the sea to Grundo, only to be picked up by MAVO and interrogated about the whereabouts of the Crystals, of which he had no knowledge. This led Quellor to erase his memory and sell him to the Ying Zoo, until he had the opportunity to escape, and then settle on the island in the middle of Leekee Lake. Meanwhile, Tweeg fears the worst when there's a knock on his door -- which turns out to be his own long-lost father, Elroy! He invites Jack to come to take over the family tradition of gnarly surfing. Jack isn't enthused at first, but warms up to the idea when LB plants the suggestion that it might let him evade the MAVO mercenaries. Back at Gimmick's house, Teddy and his father (whose name is Burl) talk more of the 10 years that have passed, and Teddy suggests that it's time for them to go home, to Rillonia.
Release Date
December 7, 1987

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