The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 51 · Autumn Adventure · 25 min

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Teddy and Grubby create Mudblup costumes in honor of Make Believe, an old Rillonian custom of wearing costumes on a particular fall day (nah, couldn't be anything like Halloween...). They make a costume for Gimmick as well, and the Trio traipse about the Valley attempting to scare people, but Wooly is the only one who falls for the disguises. The Trio explain the custom to Wooly,who dresses up as a giant flower, and the foursome go visit the Jungle Grunges, who are celebrating Make Believe as well. Meanwhile, Tweeg sees the headline "Hunt For Tweeg Ends" in the Grundo Gazette and misinterprets it as Quellor no longer being angry with him. Tweeg travels to MAVO HQ to bury the hatchet, only to have Quellor throw him in the dungeon, despite Tweeg's protests that he can deliver Teddy Ruxpin to MAVO. The Supreme Oppressor -- furious at the deceit concocted by Drudge,Sludge, and Trudge, and reminded of the need to capture the Illiop -- commands his henchmen to hunt down Teddy Ruxpin and bring him back, dead or alive. This angers the Understander of Legends, who reminds Quellor that MAVO needs Teddy taken alive if they are ever to recover the Crystals. When Quellor refuses to amend his orders, the Understander frees Tweeg from the dungeon, and the two of them set off to find Teddy before Quellor's henchmen do. The henchmen find Teddy first, but Grubby alerts the group and everyone scatters. The henchmen get captured by a patrol of real Mudblups, and the Trio trick Tweeg and the Understander into following the path the henchmen took, allowing the Trio to escape.
Release Date
November 23, 1987

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