The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Season 1

Episode 50 · A Race To The Finish · 25 min

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Wizardweek enters its final day. The teams resume the race, which takes the participants through the Jungle With No Name, over Trembly Fault, and on to the finish line. Prince Arin and Princess Aruzia take an early lead, and make a stopover at the Jungle Grunges' village for minor repairs just as Drudge, Sludge, and Trudge stumble upon the settlement. In a brilliant display of logic, Quellor's henchmen deduce that Tweeg must be hiding in the Grunge village since he's half Grunge, and proceed to trash the place. Arin and Aruzia decide they need a hit and go for the nearest supply of Grunge Gumbo with Vitamin Z (tm), transforming them into the Iron Warrior and the Aluminum Amazon, respectively. The two of them proceed to beat the shit out of Druge, Sludge, and Trudge until the Trio arrive and decide the two of them have been high as a kite for long enough, and throw water on the tripping Illipers to bring them down. Quellor's henchmen escape into the jungle, and in another stroke of genius (with a capital "J"), collect some slimy green goop to pass off as Tweeg's remains. The Trio win the Great Grundo Ground Race, and returns to the Jungle Grunges' village along with Arin and Aruzia. With the help of the Fifth Crystal, they repair the damage to the settlement in record time. The Wizard of Grundo arrives and presents the Trio with their prize -- a carousel with cars fashioned after the vehicles used in the race. A celebration ensues, and the Wizard and Louie ride off into the sunset. Back at MAVO, a celebration is also in progress, to celebrate the return of Quellor's henchmen with Tweeg's "remains".
Release Date
November 20, 1987

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